Chipotle Chicken & Virginia 

If you’re looking for someone to prove that blondes have more fun, look no further than Virginia. I met Virginia through my sister and if you need to know anything about her, just know that if “island time” had a fan club she would be co-chair. She is all that and a good bottle of wine and is always there for those venting sessions that are necessary for survival. Virginia bestowed the honor of christening her new DUMBO kitchen upon me and I couldn’t have been more excited of sharing my minimal culinary knowledge with her.

We chose to cook the Chipotle Chicken with mango avocado salsa. My obsession with Chrissy Teigen led me to know that this recipe is not only one of her first recipes, but one of her favorites so the pressure was on. Added to this was the fact that I had to marinade the chicken the night before, which for a person that used to hand her 8 am due college essay at 7:59:58 am, was quite the feat.

The recipe calls for a chipotle sauce that I took many liberties with. Reasons why: I’m lazy, I didn’t know the threshold of spicyness I was dealing with here and, lastly, the serving was smaller then the one detailed in the recipe. For these reasons I 1. bought a BBQ sauce that already had brown sugar in it, did not dare to mince one damn garlic clover and bought mango that was already chopped. Once the chicken was marinaded and ready to go, the recipe was quite simple.

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 The underdog award in this recipe goes to the mango avocado salad. I’m not the biggest mango fan and was not the most excited to prepare this but I must say it balances the spiciness of the chipotle chicken really well.

We ate the chicken with mashed potatoes which we cooked from a box (I don’t care what you think, marinating the night before filled my effort quota). I must note that another welcome side dish to this plate would be rice. One pro tip: make extra chipotle sauce and use it on shrimp the next day, you’ll thank me later.
Enjoy the video below!


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