Burgers & Bola

Hey there! Back after a long break, which was not really a break just an extended period of canceled plans like a true millennial. For this time around I got together with the one and only Cristina Bolivar to BBQ during Memorial Day Weekend. We spent the occasion in the perfect Catskills lake house that would remind anyone of the Friday the 13th movies.

I met Bolivar all the way back in high school and we became close friends once we both moved to NYC. She went to all-girls school that was the nemesis of mine. I’m talking Montague, Capulet levels of arch-rivalry. In short, I was with the Yankees, she was with the Red Sox and then some sort of Babe Ruth juju happened with no curses involved and we became bffs (best food friends, high five if you get the reference). Want to make a quick note of the fact that I used that baseball reference as a sign that fellas …I GOTCHU.

Anyways, in the hen house that is also known as my group of female friends in NYC, Bolivar is the one with more energy than the Energizer bunny. Call her on a Monday, while it’s pouring outside, and there’s an Uber surge pricing of 1.5x…SHE’S DOING SOMETHING. Additionally, she is theeeeee one person I trust blindly to order my food for me. More than my mom, more than myself or anyone else. If you have spent more than five minutes with me, you know this is a tall, if not THE tallest, order.

We took advantage of the fact that there was a BBQ and decided to make the burger recipe from the book. While reading the recipe we noticed that there were copious amounts of Dijon mustard necessary. Adding Dijon mustard to the burgers was just like the Domino’s Pizza tracker…the thing you never knew you needed. It made the burgers creamier (sorry, there’s only one word that sounds worst than “creamier” and that word is “moist”, sorry^2).

The burgers also included a special sauce which was basically mayoketchup with Cholula and pickles. If you’re reading this and don’t know what mayoketchup is, consider me your former friend. Apart from the Dijon mustard and the mayoketchup picante, the recipe is very similar to the burgers your dad cooked at your 8th birthday pool party while he was regretting not having just paid the Discovery Zone birthday party package. In other words, very easy and practical for anyone who is scared to be around appliances with open flames, aka yours truly.

Scroll down for video!


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