Dutch Baby Pancake & Tony

Since “Saturdays are for the boys” is a new thing we’re apparently all doing now, I spent last Saturday morning with my first male guest! (#leanin #breaktheglassceiling ) Tony is one of my really good friends who I met in New York and have no recollection how or when exactly. What I’ll always have a recollection of regarding Tony, just like anyone that knows him well, is his immeasurable love of olives and anything related to Great Britain. As a fellow olive enthusiast (the ones stuffed with bleu cheese are b o m b) it always put a smile on my face to open his fridge to a whole pint of Whole Foods’ best olive selection.

While getting to know Tony…and thanks to the fact that he moved to my equivalent of Joey and Chandler’s apartment, I found out one of his weekly rituals. This ritual consisted of him ordering pancakes and stuffing his face every Saturday morning. Just like anything involving Tony, at first I thought it was kinda weird but then pretty much embraced it. Therefore, when picking what recipe to cook the choice was obvious and we decided to cook the Dutch Baby Pancake.


Outside sources had told me that Tony had never cooked so much as a boiled egg before so I was ready for things to get interesting (meaning that it would get messy and my patience would be tested). However, the recipe is much like doing pancakes from scratch except for the usage of a cast iron skillet and the oven. In the meantime great minds got together and decided to cook bacon as a side so Tony’s Satuday Ritual got LIT AF.

Full disclosure, once we put in the mixture on the oven I found out I forgot to put in the kosher salt in the mixture and immediately drizzled some in the skillet. Good thing I did because one of our favorite parts of the recipe was the savory kick the kosher salt gave the pancake.


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