Garlic Soy Shrimp & Kristy

Happy New Year peeps! We’re back in business (awww yeah). On board this time around, we have Kristy aka Hoffman aka Hoffy aka the dumpling.

I met Kristy through friends and the first thing she said to me was that she was afraid to meet me because I was so tall that she thought “you would step on me or something.” Reminiscing on one of the favorite things someone has ever said to me, now I kind of wish that stepping on people would be an actual ability available to me. I would never do that to Kristy but WOW how much easier would life be if I could just go around stepping on people when they spell my name with a PH, eat my last french fry or judge me for liking (cough LOVING cough) the Kardashians. Like just stepping. on. them.

*returns from power trip* Anywaysssss, Hoffman and I share the love of crime documentaries and the hate of hugs. We put up with each other during morning workouts that make me (us?) hate everything/everyone and if you know one (or both) of us you know that’s a special talent not entrusted in many of our friends.

For this round, Le Hoffers picked the Garlic Soy Shrimp with the Chili Green Sauce. Why? Because #newyearnewme, #nocarbs, and #resolutions. I must say this has been far and beyond the easiest recipe I have prepared from the book. The steps in a nutshell are make the sauce, refrigerate it and grill it for five minutes.

Yo, the chili sauce included with this recipe is fire. When I say fire I don’t mean “omg it’s amazing (insert fire emoji)”, I mean it is literal fire as in my mouth is still burning. Thankfully, for those of us who are not looking for an ulcer, the shrimp are already delicious with the fish sauce-soy sauce- garlic concoction. We had it with veggies (refer to fourth paragraph) but it would go great with white rice and even butter pasta. Pro tip: if you’re trying to impress someone with a home cooked meal and look like a seductress/seducer in the process this is NOT the dish to cook for them, as it requires plenty of manual labor, intense paper-towel-mouth-cleaning and just generally unappealing maneuvers. You’ve been warned.


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