Stuffed Chicken Breasts & Sahar

I am gonna be straight up here, to say this has been a rough week is the understatement of the year. Many mixed emotions, which can all be bottled up in a endless feeling of hopelessness. As a way to distract from the shit storm that was the election night and the zombie-gotham-apocalyptic-looking day that followed, I went to Sahar’s house for some wine and gossip.

I met Sahar five years ago and it doesn’t seem like that long. The FB memories post that made me aware of this friendship anniversary was one of the few times this excellent (sarcasm font) tool has not made me want to stab my eyes out by looking at my debatable life choices. She was one of my classmates at NYU grad school and one of those friends who is great at balancing my “organized chaos” self to her “on top of everything in life” self. Apart from that, she has indulged me by being my pilates partner and has not failed once at making me smile, no matter what the situation.

For her recipe, Sahar chose the Stuffed Chicken Breasts because she wanted to go all in. We started cooking with some hesitation because the recipe involves stuffing and rolling and all those things reserved for people with lots of patience (which I don’t possess).  However, this recipe is SO SO EASY and SO SO GOOD. It was the easiest recipe I have done so far. (Insert Stefon voice) It has everything, bacon, prosciutto, goat cheese and GREASE.

This recipe is 100%, no doubt THE fanciest thing I have cooked in my 27 years on this Earth. We made some instant mashed potatoes as a side and added truffle oil to it so you know this plate was fancy AF because anything with truffle oil automatically is.

Please note: my purple attire was in no way, shape or form influenced by Hillary’s concession speech outfit but I damn sure wish it was.


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