Cobb Salad & Brenda

Aaaaaand we’re back! After a well-deserved cooking break, I hopped over to Brenda’s for an evening of catching up (not that there’s much catching up to be done as I will literally  be spending every living moment of next weekend with her, but whatever). Brenda was literally my first friend at NYU grad school. She’s Dominican and as soon as I found that out I legit looked for the quickest way to get attached to her hip because I knew I would never let go. She spent her first Thanksgiving in the city with me and my family (which is a HUGE undertaking if you’ve ever met the firecrackers that are my mom and sister) and I forever hold that memory very dearly.

Now that we got the mopey feelings I have for this tigueraza out of the way, I want to make note of the fact that Brenda had no effing clue of what was going on here. She legit read a text message I sent and apparently just read the words “cook” and “me” and said yes without knowing what she was in for. I took out my phone to take video and she hauled ass to her room to put make up on because she didn’t know we would be recording. She sure got a rude awakening when she realized she actually had to engage in cooking activities with yours truly.


I picked the Cobb salad for her because 1. I needed an urgent detox after my Mexicoma (purum pshhhhh) and 2. Brenda is in some sort of self-induced healthy eating coma where she rejects bacon and everything about food that makes people happy.


THIS WOMAN BOUGHT TURKEY BACON INSTEAD OF REGULAR BACON AND TO THIS MOMENT I’M STILL QUESTIONING OUR FRIENDSHIP. Ok now that we got that out of the way, the seasoning of this chicken is BOMB. The recipe called for the chicken to be cooked in the oven and I’m slowly becoming a fan of this method. It makes for an extra juicy piece of breast (take your heads out of the gutter). Also, the dressing. OMG this dressing. It had buttermilk, something that until that day neither of us knew what it was but I anticipate a beautiful future for us (me and the buttermilk, that is). All in all, it’s a more seasoned twist to the regular chicken salad that will definitely be repeated.



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