Mexico & Lindsey

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming so I can talk about the awesome trip I just took to Mexico. I used “Mexico” for the Cravings part of the title because I ate ALL OF MEXICO. All of it. Inside me.

I was invited to the wedding of my good friend Dani who is from Guadalajara and also had the chance to meet up with my friend Lindsey. I met Lindsey in New York through one of my good friends from Puerto Rico. She moved to Guadalajara three years ago and homegirl went from token gringa of our group to honorary Puertorrican REAL QUICK. She learned Spanish faster than you can say “si, señorita” and to this day I am still shook.

Lindsey served not only as my tour guide and photographer but also as my food connoisseur and if you know me you know that’s the kiss of death right there. However, she passed with flying colors! Below some of the (food) highlights of our trip to Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, a small town outside of Guadalajara and the place I tried to pronounce right for more than 48 hours.


The afternoon started with a generous serving of tequila in a DAMN POTTERY BOWL. Apparently in Mexico glasses are for quitters so they basically ask you what type of tequila you want in YOUR BOWL of a little grapefruit and lime juice. As you can see in the photo below I had zero problem adjusting to the different packaging.


Lindsey was helpful in letting me know what was authentic Mexican food so I let her have the reigns over our food order. Again, not an easy task if you know me. So I started with a chicharrón taco that literally made all of my dreams come true.


Look at this baby. It’s the best I ever had, best I ever had, best I ever had (insert Drake voice). I tried to find an appealing photo of me eating and below is the best I could do. That, my friends, is what complete and unadulterated indulgence looks like.


Ok guys, so I don’t know if you’re ready for what’s coming next. So I’m just gonna leave it right here:


I can still listen to the sounds of ooziness by just looking at this photo. Good god holy queso fundido this was amazing. The chorizo, the chips, the cheese, I mean.


TORTA AHOGADA FOR PRESIDENT. As if pork sandwiches couldn’t get any better…YOU GET TO POUR SAUCE on this one. I’m not gonna lie, it was not easy digging into this (therefore the lack of action shots of me eating this) but it was well damn worth it.


What the…Are you…Is this…

This was by far my favorite meal of the whole trip. I got to try so many different things and they were all so savory. And let’s not even get started with the hot sauces. I am a BIG fan of Taco Bell and I have to admit that after this trip it will be hard to go to my double-decker, bean burrito routine. The tequila part will be fine though (insert winky face). See below for a gratuitous shot of mariachi serenading me with my favorite song (La Bikina) and me having no chill about it. Hasta la vista, babies.




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