Chicken Lettuce Wraps & Mom

For this post I was lucky enough to have my mom visit me here in NYC. Apart from the opportunity of being spoiled rotten for a couple of days, mom’s visit takes away pounds, and I do mean POUNDS, of unnecessary clothing, shoes, etc. I’m an emotional hoarder and love to keep things and get all Rose-Dawson-I’ll-never-let-go about them. So it was good to have someone scream at my face THIS NEEDS TO GO, aka the person who will make sure to refurbish my wardrobe with the newest collection of crop tops.

What can I say about my mom? I mean I would need at least five more blogs just to talk about how bad ass she is. On a scale of 1 to Eric Ripert, her cooking skills are a -8 but she’s such as boss she doesn’t need to know how to cook because that would be too unfair for us mere mortals. It should be noted that, instead, Abuela Toña was the one to feed me and my sister so we’re both A-OKAY.

As I mentioned in the About section of this site, I am not keen to cooking or doing any actual housekeeping work (I know, wifey material FTW) so imagine my mom’s face when I asked her to be part of my cooking blog. By publication date of this post I can assure you she’s still in shock. She literally texted photos to my whole extended family who were no less shocked and are now hopeful that I am kind of a well rounded adult.


Let me point out that my mom spent h o u r s trying to pick which dish she wanted prepared and changed her mind 10+ times. In the process, she understood my obsession with Chrissy and knew this project was not to be taken lightly. At the end, she decided on the chicken lettuce wraps because they were low-carb and “exotic” enough for her.


Again with the sauces here! I see a pattern of many many sauces involved in all the recipes in this book which in the first instances was kind of challenging. However, as I keep stacking up on every single oil and spice known to man, coming up with the materials for these recipes is becoming way, way easier. This recipe called for ground chicken which I did not find so we bought regular chicken breast and made it ground ourselves while it was cooking in the pan (it is a great way to get out aggression, btw). For this occasion, we bought less chicken and lettuce because the serving size was for six and there were only two of us. Also, we did not get the water chestnuts and I am still not completely sure of what they are and NO I HAVE NOT GOOGLED IT, LET ME LIVE.

I have had many lettuce wraps, the ones at PF Chang’s being one of my favorites, and none have been as savory (and filling!) as these ones. They successfully dance the line between savory and flat out spicy, which means they can be eaten by spicy-food lovers and weak links alike. They were so tasty that I yearned for some white rice on the side but that would defeat the no-carb-yes-taste purpose of the evening. A good option whether you have a couple of friends to entertain or a big of appetite in the middle of wedding season.


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