Roasted Cauliflower, Feta, and Orzo Salad & Clara

For this recipe, I had the pleasure of having Clara over. Clara and I met when she first moved to the city through mutual friends. One of my favorite things about Clara is that she gives it to you straight up no chaser if she has known you for 10 years or 10 minutes. Girl can rip you a new one faster than you can say “nice to meet you” and she owns it.


Clara’s request for recipe was very simple: no carbs. Therefore, I dove right into the salads section of the book and chose THE ONLY salad with carbs in it. Thankfully Clara, like any human being with a pulse, is a fan of pasta and did not shy away from the orzo situation in this recipe.



The recipe is super easy to make. I’m talking “you only need to know how to read and follow instructions” levels of easiness, which in a normal world means really easy but in the short-attention-span world me and my peers live in it means OMG NO WAY TL;DR. The only minuscule challenge here is creating the dressing because it has plenty of ingredients but nothing to lose your mind over. However, diverting from the exact measurements is not that big of an issue in terms of this recipe, which is good because most of us make salads on the run. It is also good because I opened the Kosher salt on the wrong side and sprawled at least 4 times the necessary portion of salt in the dressing.


The one thing we did different here is that we were so hangry that we decided to eat the salad warm instead of letting it chill in the fridge for a hot minute. Also, I ate the leftovers cold at work and they were even more delicious. Pro-tip: a plate that is even more delicious when cold (just like pizza…DON’T BE MY FRIEND IF YOU DISAGREE) is a keeper.


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